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Looking for a Grand Rapids Divorce Attorney?  The Grand Rapids Divorce Attorneys at Krupp Law Offices P.C. can answer your questions about divorce and child custody. If you are facing a divorce, a good attorney is not optional! Our divorce attorneys can answer your questions with straight talk and honest advice. Our attorneys have over 85 years of combine divorce experience in the Grand Rapids Michigan including extensive trial experience including property settlements, spousal support, mediation, arbitration, alimony, child custody, and other divorce related issues.

Considering the seriousness of this life changing event, it is extremely important to retain Krupp Law Offices PC.  We understand that an important step in divorce process is to help our clients define and articulate their goals.  When necessary, we will aggressively defend your rights in court.

How Much Does a Grand Rapids Divorce Attorney Cost?

The first consultation with a Grand Rapids Divorce Attorney at Krupp Law is free.  Typically fees can range from 1,500.00 to 10,000 dollars.  We can give you exact quotes after discussing the case in person or on the phone.  We also provide a written fee agreement.

Grand Rapdis Divorce Attorneys - Krupp Law Offices PC

How Do I Hire a Grand Rapids Divorce Attorney?

You start by calling our office for a free phone consultation or an office appointment.  You will have an opportunity to speak with an attorney who can answer your immediate questions.  We will get the facts from you and discuss attorney fees and costs.

How Experienced Are the Grand Rapids Divorce Attorneys at Krupp Law?

Our office has over 85 years of combine experience in divorce and child custody.  We have handled thousands of divorce cases.  We have handled multi-million dollars divorce cases. At Krupp Law Offices PC we can handle divorce matters that present a high degree of complexity or conflict.  Considering the seriousness of a divorce, it is extremely important to retain the legal services of an experienced divorce attorney that knows West Michigan.

Krupp Law Offices represents clients in cases throughout West Michigan, including Kent County, Ottawa County, Newaygo County, Ionia County, Mecosta County, Barry County, Montcalm County, and Allegan County Michigan.

Krupp Law Offices, PC is a BBB Accredited Lawyer in Grand Rapids, MI

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What will a divorce cost in Michigan?

The cost a divorce in Michigan can very depending on the extent of the dispute and the extent of assets involved.  A highly contested divorce can...

How will our property be divided is a divorce?

In Michigan, assets and debts accumulated during the marriage are typically divorce equally.  With every general rule there is always...

Is there an alternative to going to trial?

Yes, there are a number of ways to resolve your divorce without a trial.  First, you can agree to terms of a divorce and have a consent judgment...

What issues can be resolved in a divorce?

A divorce will resolve all property issues and spousal support between the parties.  It will also resolve all issue about custody, parenting...

How long will the divorce process take?

In Michigan there is a minimum waiting period of 60 days involving a divorce without minor children.  There is a minimum waiting period of 180...

Can you get a divorce without your spouse’s consent?

In Michigan you can get a divorce without the spouse consenting.  Michigan is a no fault divorce state.  If one party wants a divorce they can...

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What a delight to have found George Krupp. He’s everything you could ask for in a small business attorney–knowledgeable, straightforward, friendly, and humble.

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Christian G Krupp II - Grand Rapids Divorce Attorney

Christian G Krupp II was born and raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Chris attended Michigan State University and graduated in 1988. He attended Thomas M. Cooley Law School where he was a member of law review. Christian Krupp graduated from law school with honors in the top ten percent of his class. His legal career started and Dykema Gossett, Michigan’s largest law firm. After leaving Dykema, Christian Krupp joined the Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office. While at the Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office, Christian Krupp gained valuable trial experience. After leaving the Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office, Christian Krupp joined his parents’ practice and formed Krupp Law Offices PC in 1992. He has represented thousands of divorce clients over his 23 years of practice and also tried a number of civil and criminal matters before judges and juries. He has extensive experience in multi-million dollars divorces.

Christian G Krupp II
George Krupp _ Grand Rapids Divorce Attorney

George Krupp was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He was admitted to practice law in 1961 and started practice in Grand Rapids, Michigan in 1962 in the Kent County Prosecutor’s Office. After years of success in the Kent County Prosecutor’s Office in Grand Rapids, Michigan, George Krupp left for private practice where he has worked for over fifty years. Over his fifty years of experience he has represented thousands of clients facing divorce in Grand Rapids and West Michigan courts. His primary concentration has been in divorce and family law cases. George Krupp’s experience in divorce matters includes handling thousands of divorce, child custody, alimony, and paternity cases. With his fifty years of experience, no one in Grand Rapids or West Michigan has handled more divorce matters and taken more divorce cases to trial.

George Krupp

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