Divorce Attorney Ratings in Grand Rapids Michigan

Divorce Attorney Rating should be one thing that your review when considering a divorce attorney, but it should not be the only thing that you consider.

Divorce attorney ratings, like any other rating website, has their flaws.  First, the review or rating sites are for profit money making sites.  The are not unbias.  Often times attorneys are at the top of the list because they paid the site the most in advertising dollars.  It is not because they are rated the best.


Second, an attorney can have good reviews because they are loaded.  The law firm is telling friends and relatives to rate them, not real clients.  As a result you end up with fake positive reviews.  You may also see negative reviews that are posted by the opposing party in a divorce (and are intentionally negative).  Revenge reviews.  Or negative reviews may be posted by the one difficult person that no one can make happy.  Everyone knows someone that constantly post negative reviews.  It is no different than reviews for products on Amazon or Best Buy.

Be careful in solely relying on review sites.  Some of the attorney review sites are Avvo.com, BBB.org, Justia.com, and YP.com.   They all have paid placement.  All sites are there to make them money.  Be careful.  Good reviews are not everything.

When choosing an attorney, you should try and get recommendations from real clients.  Ask them about the best and worst things about the attorney.  Look at review sites knowing that those sites are not one stop shopping.  Lastly, you should interview 3 attorneys to see which attorney is the best fit for you.  Each client and attorney is different.  You want the attorney that is the right fit for you.  It may not be the right fit for everyone.

Make sure to ask questions.  Avoid any attorney that is giving you the “high pressure sale pitch”  If there is no emergency, take you time and think about who is the right fit for you.  Avoid attorneys that do not provide for a free initial consultation.

When interviewing the attorney, you should always ask the following questions:

  1. How much experience do you have in divorce and child custody?
  2. How many divorce cases and child custody cases do you handle per year?
  3. How many divorce trials have you conducted? How many in the last year?
  4. What is you retainer? What is your hourly rate and fee structure? Do you have a written fee agreement? Will I get monthly statements?
  5. Do you have many cases in my county? are you familiar with the judges and court staff?
  6. What is your approach to my case?
  7. What should I expect as a result?
  8. What can I expect as a property settlement?
  9. How are retirement accounts divided?
  10. Is this a spousal support or alimony case?
  11. What do you estimate the total cost of my divorce to be? No lawyer can tell you what the total cost of a divorce will be, unless they take the case on a “flat fee” basis. They should give you an idea of the cost based on the facts of your case. Beware of lawyers that charge a flat fee – they have an interest in resolving your case quickly, which means a settlement without aggressive representation in necessary situations.
  12. Always speak with (or meet) a minimum of three attorneys. make sure you fee comfortable with them.
  13. Tell me about yourself personally. This will ensure that you and the lawyer are “fit” to work together.
  14. Anything else you want to ask. The attorney should be willing to answer any question with in limits to easy your stress.

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Krupp Law Offices PC offers a free phone or in person appointment to discuss your divorce case. Our divorce attorneys have over 85 years of trial experience with extensive divorce trial experience. Considering the seriousness of a divorce, it is extremely important to retain the legal services of an experienced Divorce Attorney.  Divorce Attorney ratings are something to review, but it should not be your only criteria in selecting an attorney.


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