What is the process to getting a divorce?

All divorces in Michigan start with the filing of a divorce complaint in the county that your reside.  The divorce complaint states basic information such as your names, names of children, date of marriage, if someone is pregnant, and the fact that there has been a breakdown of the marriage.  Once the case is filed, there is a 60 day waiting period if there are no children (180 days if there are minor children).

After the case is filed  there is typically a temporary order entered.   The temporary order states everyone’s rights and obligations while the case is pending, but the final judgment has not entered.  A temporary order can be extremely important.  It will state who is living in the home and drive what car.  Who is paying insurance, custody, spousal support, parenting time, child support, and other rights.

During the waiting period information is exchanged through a process called discovery.  Mediation will occur if there is no agreement.  Mediation is a informal process to agree on a judgment of divorce.  If there is no agreement, the case will be set for a trial and a judge will decide the terms of a judgment.

Ultimately a divorce judgment is prepared and entered at a ProCon Hearing.  This ultimately finalizes the divorce.